What is HTS Hiring Testing Service in Pakistan

HTS Hiring Testing Service Information

HTS stands for Testing Service. This is a new service which is recently launched. By nature, it is also like a testing service as NTS, OTS, UTS, PTS, BTS, etc. The major goal of HTS is to encourage merit base selection for Jobs (career) in Pakistan. The official website of HTS is http://htspak.net

Fist project of this service announced on 23 September 2019 which was to hire staff for its own office. Any organization can get the service to make merit-based selection.


According to HTS:


HTS Testing Services is an auxiliary unit within innovative education. It supports Pakistan’s strategic efforts to ensure student success and program innovation by administering tests and assessments for Admissions, Scholarships, Recruitment, Pre-employment exams and Promotion Purposes for numerous agencies, businesses, and institutions. Students and professionals alike may take advantage of HTS Testing Services’ portfolio of exams advertised for fulfilling various vacant positions in each and every department all over Pakistan.

Selection Procedure:

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Here is the first advertisement which was announced by HTS





Types of Test:

  • Physical Tests
  • Paper-Based Tests
  • Computer-Based Tests
  • Internet-Based Tests



HTS Hiring Testing Service Contact:

Address: ZamZam Arcade, Plot No 3(B), 1st Floor, Office No.02, Bazar No. 02, Street No.110, Sector G-13/1, Islamabad.

Tel: (+92)51-2323705
Email: info@htspak.net

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Test Results:

All HTS Related Tests and its results, Merit list etc will be available on this page. As this service updates its projects with the time we shall also update here.

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